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Tissue & Bone Regeneration – Arlington, TX

Renewing Lost Tissue for a Healthier Mouth

Patient approving of tissue and bone regeneration in Arlington

Gum disease and trauma can cause serious damage to the oral tissues. Over time, the bone and soft tissues around the teeth may even seriously deteriorate. Fortunately, modern dental techniques allow Dr. Doctor and our team to regenerate these tissues. The procedures he uses to accomplish this, known as Guided Tissue Regeneration and Guided Bone Regeneration, are often necessary before the placement of bridges and dental implants.

If you have lost one or more teeth, one or both of these procedures may give you a second chance to enjoy a permanent, complete smile via dental implants. The implants may enhance your quality of life and improve both your oral and overall well-being.

Guided Tissue Regeneration and Guided Bone Regeneration procedures have already helped millions of people to preserve their teeth and/or take advantage of the best possible tooth replacement solutions. They may be able to help you as well.

What Are Guided Tissue Regeneration and Guided Bone Regeneration?

Dentist and patient discussing need for bone and tissue regeneration

The goal of these procedures is to renew lost periodontal tissue, bone, periodontal ligaments, and connective tissues that support the teeth. They accomplish this via biocompatible membranes, bone grafts, and/or special proteins that stimulate tissue growth. While these procedures are appropriate in a variety of circumstances, they are specially common prior to or along with the placement of dental implants. Guided Bone Regeneration allows a patient’s natural bone to maximize its healing potential after surgical procedures.

The Procedure

Dental team carefully working to restore patient’s oral health

The treatment is relatively simple. Dr. Doctor places a biocompatible membrane between the gum and bone. It acts as a barrier that prevents the growth of the gums from limiting the growth of the underlying bone as it recovers.

Membranes placed around the teeth typically dissolve on their own several weeks after the initial procedure. Some membranes, though, such as those used to restore bony ridges in the jaw, are not absorbable and must be removed.