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Cosmetic Dentist – Arlington, TX

Rock the World with Every Smile

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Whether you’re meeting up with friends at Happy Hour, getting ready for a date, or preparing for a job interview, how you feel about your smile can make a real difference in your confidence. Do noticeable stains, chips, or gaps cause you to think twice before showing your teeth? If so, Dr. Ravi Doctor can make any flaw you’re concerned about disappear with cosmetic dentistry in Arlington. Using the treatments detailed below, he can give you the big, bright, and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted so you can walk into any situation with your head held high.

Why Choose Ravi Doctor, DDS for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Skilled Dentist with Years of Training and Experience
  • Voted Best Cosmetic Dentist in Arlington from 2018 to 2020
  • Certified in Digital Smile Design

Porcelain Veneers

Using a computer scan and computer milling machine, porcelain dental crowns can be easily replaced in a single visit. Once the tooth is repaired for a crown, a probe is placed into the mouth and scans the repaired tooth, which transmits the image to a computer screen. There, an image of the crown will be displayed. The information is sent to a milling unit that cuts the crown from a block of porcelain. It is cemented onto the tooth for final placement.

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Metal-Free Dental Restorations

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Modern-day dental materials enable patients to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to their dental restorations. Now, if you need to have a tooth repaired, you can get an all-ceramic crown that both looks natural and can be trusted to stand-up to everyday chewing forces. Dental ceramic is so realistic-looking that it even reflects light just like real enamel, helping it improve the appearance as well as the health of the smile.

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Dental Bonding

woman receiving dental bonding

Direct bonding is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to enhance your smile. The treatment only takes about an hour from start to finish! Dr. Doctor will simply apply a color-matched composite resin to your tooth, and then he’ll sculpt it to artfully cover a minor stain, small chip, or thin gap. Once the material has been hardened with a curing light, your tooth will look great, and you can trust the results to last for about 10 years.

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Teeth Whitening

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Whether in our dental office or at home, Dr. Doctor can use professional teeth whitening to give you a smile as bright and beautiful as the Texas sky in the Spring. Our on-site treatment can make your teeth six to eight shades whiter in as little as an hour, or you can achieve the same results more gradually at home using one of his custom-made kits. With it, you can help your teeth shine while surfing the web or bingeing your favorite show.

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Digital Smile Design

Dentist and patient looking at digital smile designs

Digital Smile Design enables Dr. Doctor to take the guesswork out of cosmetic dentistry. Rather than a patient simply hoping they’ll like how their teeth will look after a treatment, he can show them. Using a current photo of a patient’s smile, he can digitally edit it to show the effects of teeth whitening, veneers, direct bonding, or any other procedure they are interested in. Once a patient loves what they see in the altered image, Dr. Doctor can get to work turning their dream smile into a reality.

Full Smile Makeover

Woman looking at smile in mirror

Want to change everything about your smile? With a smile makeover, Dr. Doctor can completely transform your appearance over the course of a few appointments using multiple procedures all working together in harmony. Every smile makeover he provides is completely customized based on a patient’s unique goals, and thanks to his skills and decades of experience, the only limit is your imagination when it comes to your final results!

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Cosmetic Laser Dentistry

Hand holding laser dentistry tool

Dental lasers are small, precise, and extremely effective at performing a wide variety of dental procedures. For cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Doctor can use them to give a patient a quick and beautifying gum lift, helping someone’s teeth appear longer to give their smile a more balanced and attractive appearance. Lasers can also help remove stains from hard to reach areas that bleaching often misses. No matter what the procedure might be, laser treatment is always comfortable, and the results are consistently stunning.


Does your smile contain multiple gaps or rotated teeth? Do you hide your smile because it appears crooked? With Invisalign treatment, you can resolve all of these issues and more in a shorter time overall compared to traditional braces. After creating your custom series of aligners, all you need to do is wear them for a set period of time every day until you complete the entire set. This will ensure your teeth shift into a straighter and healthier position!

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