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Chao Pinhole Surgery – Arlington, TX

Pain-Free Gum Surgery

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One of the most common symptoms of gum disease is gum recession, in which the tissues actually pull away from the roots of the teeth. In addition to making the teeth appear unnaturally long, this also exposes the thinner enamel around the roots, making it more likely to develop decay and lead to tooth loss. In the past, a surgical gum graft was the only way to address this problem, but Dr. Doctor is able to offer a much less invasive solution: Chao Pinhole Surgery in Arlington. In a single appointment and without using any incisions, he can fully restore a patient’s gum line while keeping them completely comfortable.

Why Choose Ravi Doctor, DDS for Chao Pinhole Surgery?

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What is Chao Pinhole Surgery?

Anyone who has undergone a traditional gum graft will tell you that it isn’t exactly a pleasant experience! In most cases, tissue from the roof of a patient’s mouth is harvested, and this is used to replace the gum tissue that has receded. While the procedure itself is relatively painless when performed by a skilled doctor, recovery is always a tad uncomfortable, and it typically takes a week or more.

Chao Pinhole Surgery turns this approach completely on its head. First, a hole literally the size of a pin is placed into the gum line. Then, using special tools, Dr. Doctor can gently stretch and massage the gums back into their original position. He can then secure them in place using a surgical mesh. Just a little bit of local anesthetic is all that’s needed to keep a patient completely comfortable, and afterward, they will barely feel any lingering soreness at all.

The Advantages of Chao Pinhole Surgery

Chao Pinhole
  • Virtually Painless: Because Pinhole surgery doesn’t require any incisions or sutures in the mouth, it doesn’t cause as much trauma to the tissues, meaning a patient won’t experience any discomfort while in the chair.
  • Fast: This procedure is much more efficient compared to a traditional gum graft, meaning it can be performed relatively quickly to help a patient save time.
  • Short Recovery: Patients are usually able to fully recover and feel completely normal within a few days as opposed to a week thanks to how non-invasive Pinhole surgery is.
  • Quick Results: Patients will see a natural-looking gum line on the same day of the procedure, free of obvious sutures or other surgical marks.

Could You Benefit From Chao Pinhole Surgery?

Chao Pinhole

If you’re experiencing gum recession due to gum disease or other factors, you are likely a good candidate for Chao Pinhole Surgery. If you’ve already been recommended to get a gum graft to fix this problem, it is well worth your time to meet with Dr. Doctor and see if Pinhole Surgery would be a better alternative, as it will save you both from pain and lost time recovering by comparison.

To learn more about this procedure and see what it could do for you, contact Dr. Doctor today to schedule a consultation.