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Advanced Services & Technology – Arlington, TX

Faster Care, Better Results

Woman receiving 3D CT scan

If there is an instrument or service available today that will help a patient be healthier and enjoy more comfortable dental visits, then you can trust that Dr. Ravi Doctor is already using it! He works diligently every year to stay on the leading-edge of dental technology and techniques, and you’ll benefit from these efforts at every single appointment. Read on below to learn a little more about some of the tools and treatments he offers that you just won’t find at your average dental office.

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Dental Technology & Advanced Services

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  • Certified by the Academy of Laser Dentistry

TMJ Therapy

X-ray of jaw and skull

Do you frequently experience jaw pain, headaches, earaches, or soreness in your neck and shoulders, and you can never figure out why? All of these problems and more can actually have a common cause: temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the set of hinges that connects your lower jaw to the rest of your head, and it can sometimes develop strain, arthritis, and dysfunction due to injury or a misaligned bite. Fortunately, Dr. Doctor cannot only diagnose these kinds of problems but treat them as well. He can rebalance the bite and provide custom oral appliances to stop longstanding pain and improve jaw function at the same time.

Laser Dentistry

Patient receiving laser dentistry

Dental lasers have completely changed the way dentists around the world are able to provide care. Instead of solely relying on small metal tools, Dr. Doctor can use an extremely concentrated beam of light to perform a variety of procedures more quickly and painlessly than ever. He can remove tooth decay without using a drill, whiten hard-to-reach spots on the teeth, and even remove excess gum tissue to help the teeth appear longer and more attractive.

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Animation of blood platelets

Platelet Rich Fibrin is a substance Dr. Doctor can use to dramatically speed up healing and reduce post-treatment pain after a surgical procedure. He simply puts a small amount of a patient’s blood into a centrifuge, and this causes a substance rich with collagen and other helpful proteins to be separated from the plasma. When applied to a treatment site, PRF encourages the growth of new healthy tissue so a patient is able to recover in record time. He frequently uses it after placing dental implants or performing surgery on the gums to increase patient comfort.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral images on computer

We can capture close-up, high-resolution images of the teeth and gums using our intraoral camera, which is no bigger than a pen. Then, we can display the images on a large chairside monitor, helping our team spot any potential problem in the mouth, especially in those areas that are hidden from the naked eye. This tool will also make it much easier for you to understand your dental health and needs because you’ll be able to see your smile from the same perspective as your dentist for once!

Carestream Digital Impression System

Dental impressions are incredible tools Dr. Doctor uses to custom-design a wide variety of treatments but creating them used to be a real hassle. A patient would have to bite down onto cold dental putty for minutes at a time, which is not only uncomfortable but often doesn’t deliver an accurate impression! Now, he can just use a small scanner to create a highly-detailed 3D model of the teeth and bite in just a few minutes, all while barely touching a patient. The process is fast, comfortable, and never requires time-wasting retakes.

Navident Dynamic Navigation

Placing dental implants is an extremely delicate procedure. Determining the right depth and angle of the new roots within the jawbone to provide the best hold is absolutely essential for a patient getting a positive result. The Navident Dynamic Navigation system enables Dr. Doctor to take all the chance out of this procedure. Once he figures out where an implant needs to be, he can use a variety of Navident guides to precisely position a post within the exact millimeter.

PreXion 3D Cone Beam Imaging

PreXion 3D CT scanner

A typical 2D X-ray is great, but when planning a more complex procedure like dental implant placement, we typically need a little more information about a patient’s mouth and jaw. That’s when we like to use our CT/cone beam scanner, which is able to create a fully 3D X-ray model of the teeth and surrounding structures, including the soft tissues and nerves! This helps us formulate extremely precise treatment plans that guarantee a successful procedure every time.


Searching for tooth decay used to involve our team poking and prodding the teeth and gums, and this has several disadvantages. For one, many patients find the process uncomfortable, and we could only find decay that was bigger than the probe we used, meaning many smaller spots were missed and were allowed to become worse. But now with DIAGNOdent, we’re able to painlessly scan the teeth with a laser that reveals even the slightest hint of enamel thinning or damage. It helps us intervene much earlier in the decay process, giving us the ability to stop and reverse cavities before they fully form.

AnyRidge® Implant System

The AnyRidge dental implant system consists of using titanium posts that have a tapered end and specially-shaped edges that enable the implant to form an extremely secure bond with the surrounding jawbone. Thanks to these attributes, Dr. Doctor is able to make the most of a patient’s existing bone density, helping many avoid the need for time-consuming bone grafting procedures. They enable a patient to enjoy a more stable bite and dramatically improved oral function, leading to countless happy smiles to come.

Digital X-Rays

Faster, sharper, and safer, digital X-rays are a huge improvement compared to traditional film in just about every way you can imagine. They only take a few seconds to capture images, they show more detail than older X-rays, and they emit 90% LESS radiation as well. They not only speed up routine appointments and make our diagnostic process even better, but they also give many patients peace of mind, taking the stress out of their visits.

Four Anterior Gingivectomy

The front two teeth are meant to be higher than the next adjacent teeth and at the same level as the third teeth from the center. A dentist will need to determine that the bone level is in the correct place (demonstrated by the white arrow), and there needs to be a certain distance to the bone level to the tip of the gum (demonstrated by the green arrows). If conditions are present, excess gum tissue can be removed with a laser over the two front teeth and next adjacent teeth. This will result in a dramatic improvement in the smile.